Monday, December 06, 2010

Consuming Delicious Linkrolls

No. Linkrolls are not a delicious appetizer or a holiday baked good.

Linkrolls are a way to have Delicious bookmarks displayed as part of a web site or blog posting. Although the ability to create Delicious Linkrolls has been available for over 5-years now, I've only recently began to leverage the service.

As an example of how they can be used, I've been working on an ePortfolio to track references to my various scholarly communications, appearing both in print and online. After performing various searches for references, I bookmark the ones I find on my Delicious site, making sure to add specific tags. The saved bookmarks can then be searched, sorted, and imported using scripting made available by Delicious. After all the options are set, it is as easy as copying and pasting to get the targeted Delicious links embedded into a blog post or web page.

To create a Linkroll:

- Create or log into your Delicious account
- Add bookmarks with tags
- Go to
- Change preferences, including appropriate tags
- Copy the html code into a web page or blog post. This will import Delicious bookmarks into any post or page.

The code generated by Delicious does not include any styling , so it may need some style tweaking. The imported content should blend in and adopt the look of your site.
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