Friday, June 23, 2006

Library Best Practices Wiki Redux

Just in case you have not seen or contributed to it...

About a year ago Meredith Farkas, Distance Learning Librarian at Norwich University in Vermont, developed Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki. Since the site is approaching it's anniversary I think it deserves another round of publicity...

This wiki was created as a collaborative tool for librarians to share successful programs and innovations. There are lots of great blogs out there sharing information about the profession, but there was no one place where all of this information is collected and organized.

At this site one can uncover how other libraries are using technology to create internal sites for departmental process and proceedures, online tutorials, or developing technology training for staff. Most content areas have plenty of content, but suprisingly (or not!) Management and Leadership is very weak.

As with any collaborative site, it is only as good as the contributors. If you are doing something interesting, please share! Sphere: Related Content

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