Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An Example of the Value of Scholarly Blogging

I will be participating in two panel sessions in early 2007. I was invited to participate in both primarly as the result of this blog.

At the 2007 ACRL Conference being held in Baltimore March 29th - April 1st I will be on a panel entitled "Technology Innovation in Academic Libraries: Rocking the Boat or Unfurling the Sails?" I will also be appearing on a panel discussing technology trends at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Philadelphia May 18th - 23rd.

Over the past couple months I have written several postings regarding blogging as scholarly communication. Blogging promotes the national and/or international recognition that at the heart of the promotion and tenure process consistent with the mission of most academic organizations. The fact that this blog caught the attention of meeting organizers demonstrates this value.

I am sure many other library bloggers have had similar experiences. Sphere: Related Content

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