Monday, December 04, 2006

McMaster U Getting Out of Cataloging Business

When looking for interesting ideas and trends I often look up north to our friends at McMaster University Libraries. It seems like they are always doing something when most libraries are still just talking about it.

It was therefore no surprise that this morning brought the post Getting Out of the Cataloging Business. McMaster is reallocating their cataloging staff to support emerging services. Original catalogers will be moving to “tiered reference”. Copy cataloging will cease. Staff will be provided new titles and responsibilities:

Digital Strategies Librarian: This position will be responsible for developing their digital library program including the digital infrastructure, implementation of an institutional repository; and developing strategies to align them with programs at the provincial and national level.

Systems Librarian: Responsible for managing systems and emerging technologies.

E-Resource Librarian: This position will be responsible for managing e-resource licenses.

Training and Development Librarian: This position will assist with staff development and work with the librarians to develop an understanding of curriculum development. Sphere: Related Content

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Jeff Trzeciak said...

Eric - Thanks for your comments! There's more in store for McMaster - keep watching! Jeff Trzeciak