Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Innovative Approach to Institutional Learning

Once again our innovative friends up north in McMaster U's Emerging Technology Group have come up with a way to get library staff involved with learning emerging technology. The have created a program entitled Learning 2.0 @ Mac. Learning 2.0 is a hands-on, immersive learning program that provides library staff an opportunity to explore Web 2.0 tools as well as the impact they are having on libraries & library services.

Over a 12 week period (starting February 12, 2007), staff will use tools such as Blogger, WordPress, Bloglines, and del.icio.us to complete a number of activities. Each week focuses on a specific type of tool and activities will provide their staff a chance to explore the tool and consider the ways in which it can be used in a library environment. Participants are encouraged to use a blog to discuss their thoughts about and reactions to the tools and technologies they explore.

At the end participants who have completed all the activities will receive an MP3 player and entered into a final draw to win a laptop.

82 staff has signed up to participate.

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Anonymous said...

The Learning 2.0 approach was actually developed by Charlotte (NC) Public Library http://plcmclearning.blogspot.com (which McM borrowed) and the program looks to be spreading fast. Our library is even launching it next month.

Eric Schnell said...

Thanks for the heads up about others using this approach including Charlotte PL. I do wish you would have identified which library you are affiliated with.