Wednesday, August 29, 2007

GooglePhone OS to be Released in Early Sept?

Word from Engadget is that the much anticipated Google mobile device platform may finally be revealed in early September. Rumors suggest that Google has plans to invest $7-8 billion in its development, although there has been no confirmation from the company.

The word is also that Google isn't necessarily working on a hardware device of its own, but instead is working with OEMs and ODMs to get them to put the linux-based platform on upcoming devices. Speculation that they may build their own device increased after Google acquired startup Android Inc., along with founder Andy Rubin. One of his companies launched the mobile Hiptop device, marketed as the T-Mobile sidekick. So, they do have the talent to make a device.

This also sheds some light on Google's release of the Short Message Service (SMS), which sends text-based localized information to mobile users from sports scores, driving directions, to weather forecasts. Sphere: Related Content

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