Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who's Interested in an Open Source ILS?

As others have been reporting, Marshall Breeding's Perceptions 2007: an International Survey of Library Automation is now available. (An interactive version of the statistics is available here) The responses were sorted by current ILS vendor.

The question that interested me was:

"How likely is it that this library would consider implementing an open source ILS?"

The responses to this question were predictable, in my opinion. Those indicating lower interest in open source were those that indicated higher satisfaction with their current ILS system.

The two systems that were out of place were Circulation Plus and Winnebago. Circulation Plus responders indicted a pretty high satisfaction with their ILS but also a high interest in open source. On the flip side, Winnebago responders indicated a lower satisfaction with their ILS and lower interest in open source. I also wonder if there is a correlation between the type of libraries that license each of these products and their interest in open source.

An interesting question would have been "If your ILS were discontinued would you consider an open source ILS solution?" Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you also think a library's willingess to leave their current OPAC for another OPAC (open source or not) would be hampered if they were in a large consortia such as OhioLINK?

Eric Schnell said...

As ILS systems are currently designed, yes. This will continue to be the case as long as think in terms of old library information systems design paradigms.