Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Vanishing Librarian? Sound the Alarms!

John Berry's Library Journal article has been making the rounds internally here. Sound the alarms!? Nope. Either I am missing all the uproar on the blogs about this article, or there simply isn't any. The editorial is so misguided that I am not going to spend any time arguing the points made. Maybe others are feeling the same way.

As AL comments on the LJ site: "Is this John Berry or Michael Gorman!?!"

OK. One point.

Libraries need to take a lesson from the train industry, who met their demise because they thought they were in the business of trains, not transportation. Libraries can no longer afford to view themselves as being in the business of libraries; we are in the information business. As such, our organizations need to create innovative products, services, process, management styles, and organizational structures in order to remain relevant. Sphere: Related Content

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