Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Will the FM Radio Band Be Expanded?

I'm surprised I didn't come across this one earlier.

In March, the FCC proposed turning over the bandwidth currently occupied by analog channels 5 and 6 over to the FM band (76-88 MHz). If approved, this could open opportunities for additional channels when the digital television transition is complete next February. The spectrum currently reserved for channels 5 and 6 is immediately adjacent to the existing FM broadcast dial and could be easily be re-appropriated to expand the FM dial to accommodate up to 60 new stations.

This will be an interesting change. I know I am used to seeking out local college and Public Radio stations down in the lower FM band. The question I have is if the FCC will be simply expanding the low power band to accomondate new community stations. This may be the case since the idea was embedded deep within a proposal to promote diversity ownership. Sphere: Related Content


The Krafty Librarian said...

I have to admit I hardly listen to FM or AM radio anymore. I primarily listen to my satellite radio or my iPod in the car and elsewhere.
The only time I really listen to traditional radio is for local trafic and weather. I find that is one area that satellite radio does rather poorly.

Womyn Making Waves said...

Viva Diversity!

I work with a community radio station in Champaign, IL called WEFT (90.1) and we also stream live on the web at http://weft.org.

If the RIAA kills Pandora and other internet radio providers, community radio might be our only way to fight commercial radio.