Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Information Technology in Use at Detroit Auto Show

My buddy Jeff and I drove up to the Detroit Auto Show this past Monday. While we were there to see all the new automobile technology (everyone had an electric / hybrid car of some sort), what caught my attention was the increased use of information technology, specifically that which makes use of mobile devices, although few manufacturers were using it. 

The first manufacturer we saw upon entering was Ford. We worked our way back to the new Mustang, which was on a rotisserie so you could see the undercarriage. It was there where I notice at the bottom of an information sheet the note "for more information online, text MUSTANG to KWIRY 59479)". 

So I did, although I was concerned that I would start getting junk text messages from Ford.  The text I received back suggested that I either reply to that message with my email address or go to a website. I knew I didn't want junk email, so I went to the web site. Which contained literally nothing. Still a good idea to get to supplemental materials, if it worked. 

(When I got home, I looked up Kwiry. Their marketing slogan is "see it? hear it? text it before you forget it!" Kwiry support many different inputs and outputs. I am still playing around with this service and will post about it soon. )

The other information technology which was in use at the auto show was QR codes. KIA was the only manufacturer to make use of it. Not only were the codes used on signage, but they included them on their printed materials. Unfortunately, there is still no QR Code reader for my Sprint Instinct. While QR Codes have become commonplace in Asia, support here in the states is extremely limited. This is too bad since I see a great deal of useful applications for them in libraries. Below is one that links to the URL of The Ohio State University Libraries web site. If I could only test it. 

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Brent Hinks said...

Another technology to keep an eye on is Microsoft Tag. It's essentially the same as a QRcode, but it uses color to store more data in the same amount of physical space.

ron said...

Hi Eric!

Ron here from kwiry. Thanks for writing about our integration with Ford. Sorry for the snafu with the URL, it was a bug and is now fixed. This is the URL you should have received: http://www.kwiry.com/mustang. As an FYI - we/Ford don't subscribe you to anything when you reply with your e-mail. We are completely appalled by those types of programs ourselves. Let us know if you want more info on how kwiry works! You can e-mail info@kwiry.com.

Eric Schnell said...
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Eric Schnell said...


Thanks for the additional info. I will be look at applications for your service and will be in touch.

Eric Schnell said...

Thanks, Brent.

Microsoft Tags seems to have more readers support:

Apple iPhone
Blackberry 81xx, 83xx and Bold
J2ME based handsets
Symbian S60 3rd Edition
Windows Mobile 5 and 6