Wednesday, February 04, 2009

TechTips: The Blog

Over the past two months or so, I have been emailing various technology related tips and tidbits to the students, staff, and faculty of The Ohio State University Libraries' system. The motivation to research, write, and communicate these TechTips came after many hallway conversations. It seemed to me that there was a growing need for our staff for a regular dose of emerging technology talk. 

The first TechTips were sent as email messages to gauge interest, plus, I know virtually everyone reads their email. Based on all the great feedback I received on the email version, I decided to set up "TechTips: The Blog." ( RSS ) to publish, archive, and syndicate the TechTips.

While many of the TechTips I publish on the TechTips blog may seem old technology and concepts to many readers of this blog, it will be the first time that many OSUL staff have read or heard about them. Perhaps for your staff as well.

I have a couple other ideas in the works relating to other staff technology education initiatives that I will make sure to communicate while they still aren't quite ready.  Sphere: Related Content

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