Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Library? Have You Heard of the Internet?

There was an interesting scene in last night's episode (The Kindness of Strangers) of Heroes.

In the scene, Claire Bennet is at the dinner table with her family. To get out of a family event to sneak off to see her boyfriend she comes up with the following excuse:

Claire: "I can't. I have to go to the library for a research paper"

Lyle (her brother, sitting on the other side of the table): "The Library? Have you ever heard of the Internet?"

Claire: "Actually, the research paper is on libraries and how in the digital age they are increasingly becoming obsolete for our generation"

What does it say when television shows start to bring up the issue of the relevancy of libraries?

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Alex said...

Ouch! And I can only assume everyone around the table accepted her excuse without further questioning? :)

Norma said...

Sort of reminds me of Hollywood putting out movies claiming the CIA is torturing people when we're at war. Yes, Alex, no further questioning.