Thursday, October 25, 2007

One-Hour TV Ad for Second Life

Last night's episode of CSI:NY turned into a one-hour commercial for Second Life. At first, I thought there was going to be a casual mention, but a chunk of the episode was within SL. A few observations about the episode:
  • Linden Labs was very forthcoming with the first life identities of several avatars.
  • CSI was able to track down the IP addresses of avatars and map them to physical locations in real time.
  • There was a character named the "White Rabbit' who knew the current SL location of all avatars. It sold the information for 30,000 Linden dollars ($125).
  • The CSI folks were able to change their avatar's appearance and clothing amazingly fast. They didn't even need to go shopping.
  • Their avatar participated in a gladiator event and move more like something in XBox360 rather than anything I experienced in SL.
  • One SL avatar was able to use the system to launch a virus attack that penetrated CSIs firewall.
The tie-in was a virtual CSI experience / contest being promoted in Second Life. I am sure Linden Labs developed/bartered the entire site for the TV time. The scenario of the contest:

Tragedy has struck Chefanista's, a neighborhood deli in the Bronx. The door is open, but the crime scene tape says closed. Read Anthony E. Zuiker's description of a murder, and then explore the virtual crime scene in world. Uncover what happened and why, and submit your explanation to Zuiker himself via the CSI: NY message board. Mr. Zuiker will announce the winner on December 1st.
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