Sunday, May 18, 2008

MLA 2008: A Brisk Morning Walk

One of the advantages of heading west a time zone is that my body clock is still an hour ahead. So, getting up this AM for the 20th Majors Walk for Fun was not a problem (free t-shirt and Elsevier sponsored box breakfast). I was unable to recruit anyone last night at the opening reception willing to get up early, or whom didn't have committee meetings, I showed up figuring I would know someone or meet someone new.

As it turned out, that someone I knew turned out to be fellow Ohioan Marlene Porter from the U of Toledo (or a part of the University formerly known as the Medical College of Ohio). Discussion topics ranged from the challenges she is facing during the MCO /UofT 'merger,' the recruitment process for a new Assistant Vice President/Library Director at Ohio State HSL, and PC vs. Mac.

We also spent time on the issue of library culture and the issues with change and technology innovation. Essentially, how library organizations still struggle. I highly recommend that librarians read Serious Play by Michael Schrage. One of the book's messages is that innovation is not so much about the end product as the way the process stimulates communication and collaboration.

The weather was great, since it was a bit cool I didn't even break a sweat. The walk took us to the lake front just north of Navy Pier by the Ohio St. "beach", up the lake front to Chicago Ave (or there about, I was talking and not looking at street signs), then west to the Water Tower and then back down Michigan Ave.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I associate the Walk with one of my former co-workers, Barbara VanBrimmer. Barb lost her battle with cancer a few years ago. Every year Barb and I would go on the Walk together and would talk about everything BUT work. I am choking up as I type this.


Well, time to get ready to get down the the conference space just in time to hear Mark Funk's Presidential address. Sphere: Related Content

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