Monday, May 19, 2008

MLA 2008: If It's Free, It's For Me

When I enter an exhibit hall I am on a quest. A quest for cool free stuff.

Pens I have. I have coffee cups full of conference pens. I need one, maybe two of them. My most prized is a Google pen I got at an Internet World conference the day Google went public. I can get $4 for it on eBay.

I also have plenty of interesting paper clips, bags, and pads.

In an earlier conference post from the MLA 2008 annual meeting I sounded off regarding the outrageous amount of paper and literature flowing out from the vendors. I don't know if my posting set off a conversation, but as I was walking through the hallway yesterday I overheard a group of people talking about this very issue. One attendee just commented to me that this is not a very 'green' conference from the vendor standpoint.

The solution is simple, vendors should reduce paper and increase the amount of cool free stuff. The cost of USB drives has fallen. Every one can use more of them. Even MP3 players can be had for a couple dollars. How about some iPod skins? How about other USB or Bluetooth gadgets? One of these would be cool.

The best free item I got so far was not at the conference, but on the corner of Wacker and Michigan. It was a free sample of Reynolds Handi-Vac vacuum sealer. I didn't even have to provide demographic information to their survey takers. Sphere: Related Content


Jana said...

The Reynolds Handi-Vac is super cool! You'll love it!!

I think I'm missing the exhibits almost as much as the conference itself. Of course, networking is at the top of the list, however.

Sharpie Pens said...

Free always goes together with me. Every where I go I look for the FREE FREE FREE! But dont us Americans always try to find the Free hot ticket item! Now, the thing about it is, even though it wasn't something very unique or special, but the fact that you get it for free just makes it so much more interesting to talk about! I myself havent tried the Handi-Vac yet, but I sure am going to buy one real soon!

-Eric L.