Tuesday, May 06, 2008

An Official Blogger for the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting

I just received an email that I will be one of about a dozen 'official' bloggers reporting from the MLA 2008 annual meeting to be held in Chicago from May 16-21. I will be reporting from May 17-20th.

My posts will focus on technology/innovation oriented topics from the sessions, the hallways, and quite possibly Bearded Pigs events.

As an ‘Official MLA Conference Blogger,’ this site will be listed on the Blog Roll at the MLA Conference Wiki. Oh, and I also free wireless access at the conference hotel, which is an extremely limited commodity.

Now, if the bloggers only could get 'all access' passes to 'special' events... Sphere: Related Content


Chris Shaffer said...

Hi Eric - hope to see you at the conference. If nothing else, being "official" raises the profile of your blog, which I just added to my reader.

Eric Schnell said...

Thanks, Chris. One of the things I am planning is to see if I can get a few people willing to sit down with me to do quick 5 minute 'hallway talks.' I'll would capture them using my MacBook / iSight and post the video.