Saturday, May 17, 2008

MLA 2008: When is Self Check In, Not?

When I arrived at Port Columbus on my way to Chicago for MLA 2008, I used one of the self check-in kiosks at the ticket counter to check my luggage. I had already printed my boarding pass and just needed to check my bag. I went through all the steps, but had to wait for a desk worker to get my tag from a printer from behind the counter. It took about five minutes.

Upon arrival the Hyatt Regency Chicago I again approached one of the registration self check-in kiosks. I swiped my card and was stepping through the questions but a desk worker came over and started asking me question and selecting my options. My room wasn't ready, so I requested that a text message be sent to me when it was. I then went down three escalators to the conference registration site.

The registration confirmation email I received had a bar code printed out on it. The email directed me to use the new self check-in stations. Yes, you guessed it. I scanned the bar code and nothing happened. Once again, a desk worker needed to manually enter my information.

I figured that while I waited for my room I would write a blog entry. I had to go back up the escalators to the registration desk to retrieve my conference blogger 'password.' It turned out that no password was needed and my access would simply be deducted from my bill. (Thank you MLA!)

As it also turned out, my room was ready. Sphere: Related Content

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