Saturday, May 17, 2008

MLA 2008: Technology Means More Baggage

I am sitting at Port Columbus on my way to Chicago for the MLA 2008 annual meeting. I have gotten very good at using various packing techniques to get all my 'stuff' into a carry-on bag. In fact, I have not checked a bag in almost three years. Well, until today.

Last year we utilized an audience response system in our tech trends session, which was very well received. Since last year's session was overflow, I am bringing along 100 'clickers' to use in the session. I had to go up a size in my luggage plan, which meant I had to check my bag. It is not too big a deal since I am not in a super hurry getting to the hotel.

It does, however, also mean lugging around a larger bag on the L, up the stairs from the station, and three blocks to the hotel. So it goes. I guess this is a new take on the concept of disruptive technology.

For those interested, this is the session I will be presenting at:
Session Title: Top Technology Trends: Bridge Today, Gone Tomorrow
Session Start: Monday 5/19/2008 10:30 AM - 12=noon
Location: Columbus KL

Description: As a follow up to last year's standing-room-only session, technology trend spotters in health sciences libraries will offer their latest insights, opinions and criticisms on where technology is leading us next. This energetic and sometimes irreverent panel discussion will be accompanied by a Google Jockey surfing the Web and highlighting mentioned trends on the main screen. Want to jump into the mix? The session will have audience participation in our lively question and answer time as well as an opportunity to give feedback on the trends presented through an audience response system.
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1 comment:

A'Llyn said...

Technology and true. Also, even when you keep it to a carry-on, technology means more hassle since you have to take the laptop out and all.

I don't even really try to pack neatly, because unpacking to get out the computer, and the zipped bag of liquids, means it's all coming undone again anyway.

Needless to say, this does not bode well for the chances of my garments maintaining that fresh-pressed look.